transport services

Our unique and extensive range of flat top rigids and semi-trailers are fitted with all the necessary equipment for the timely and safe delivery of your goods.

As specialists in the delivery of bricks, masonry and building supplies for the construction and engineering industries, our drivers are well equipped and experienced in the field.


waste pallet management

Are your used pallets taking up valuable yard space?
Are you wasting $100 per square metre on unusable space?

By choosing Metro Transport, you will be using a company who tailors its service to your requirements. Waste pallets are recycled making your choice a carbon friendly solution. We take odd shaped and both untreated and other pallets.

We have a fleet of flat top trucks which can fit on more pallets than a big skip or waste bin making it the most cost effective solution.


pallet collection

Need to source pallets?
Require pallet pickup, sort or repair?

Our pallet solutions with our partner company are extensive.

Our focus is an on-time delivery with exception customer service.

Our services extend to not only pallet pick ups, we also offer a repair service. Reducing waste, better for the environment and better for your back pocket!


pallet recycling

What sets us apart is our ability to assess and repair reusable pallets.

For pallets we cannot repair, we salvage ALL we can including strong boards and panels to be later used in our pallet repairs.

Any other timber that remains is wood chipped to be used in landscaping and animal pens, further reducing our carbon footprint. Nothing goes to waste!